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About us

Two major firms, based in Milan and Florence and operating on the national and international scene, have merged to create Fazzini Holzmiller & Partners (FHP), a company of professionals offering services in the field of tax, business and legal advice.

Fazzini Holzmiller & Partners is built on decades of experience and is set to face the new challenges ahead with an innovative structure capable of providing comprehensive, top-level assistance.

Our values

Fazzini Holzmiller & Partners passionately believes in sustainability and professional ethics. To this end, it has implemented:

FHP’s Code of Ethics and ESG Policy contribute to strengthening and implementing the values of ethics, integrity and accountability, with respect for people, the environment and society as a whole. The firm’s professionals adhere to these important values when carrying out their activities and in relations with colleagues, clients and institutions.

Fazzini Holzmiller & Partners believes in training and professional research. Know-how is based on constant in-depth professional and academic study, including through the presence of university lecturers and teachers from Higher Education Colleges of Professional Associations.

We invest a non-marginal percentage of our revenue each year in research and training to ensure the highest standards for our clients.

Code of Ethics:

Defines the rules governing the activities of FHP’s members, employees and partners, both with regard to clients and third parties, and internally.

ESG Policy:

Aimed at valuing people, protecting the environment and spreading awareness of the social context.

National and international network

Fazzini Holzmiller & Partners is part of Synergia Consulting Group, an alliance between firms located in the major Italian cities, offering integrated tax, corporate, business and administrative advisory services.

The firm has strong relationships and experience both in European and non-European countries, where it can count on first-level partnerships. This allows it to provide assistance to multinationals operating in Italy and to Italian companies and groups that need to operate abroad, with the aim of ensuring integrated international tax compliance solutions.

At international level, the most frequent issues concern transfer pricing, permanent establishments, representative offices, cross-border tax planning and the application of VAT legislation in intra- and extra-EU transactions.

Working at FHP

FHP offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment in which everyone can develop skills and competencies, thus developing their skill set. Thanks to a wide range of activities and clients with complex and varied needs, it is possible to focus on specific areas, fulfilling personal and professional aspirations.

We will consider applications from:

  • aspiring interns who have fulfilled the requirements for enrolment in professional practice, even if they have not completed a Master’s degree;
  • accountants or lawyers with at least three years’ experience. Candidates must demonstrate excellent and proven proficiency in at least one foreign language (especially English).

We strive to ensure that all employees have a pleasant environment in which to develop not only skills, but also a professional mindset. We offer a continuing education programme that includes:

  • ongoing training under the supervision of a senior professional, in order to ensure rapid and effective learning;
  • seminars and workshops held by in-house professionals on current and specific topics;
  • participation in external training and in-depth study courses;
  • the opportunity to alternate between periods in the Milan and Florence offices to consolidate training.

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